2010 Nairobi Land Use Data
The 2010 land use maps were created in partnership with students at the University of Nairobi, Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP), and with guidance and leadership from DURP professors. The basemap for the 2010 data was created using city toposheets, city ward boundaries, city cadastral boundaries, a road network file, a railway network file, and a river/stream network file. Student field assistants were trained to collect land use data throughout Nairobi. That data was then depicted in a GIS, verified, edited, and validated in order to produce a highly accurate land use map of the city. 2010 land use data for Nairobi is available for download below. The PDF file below provides more information about how the data set was created.

Downloadable Files:
(2010 land use data: compressed files)
(PDF of 2010 land use data)
(Powerpoint presentation explaining how the data was created)